The Location

Your Neighborhood is Your Home

If cities were crystals, there would be no doubt that Dubai is the most elegant, most sophisticated of all. Situated in the center of the world, this city has thrived on breaking records and building a spectacular infrastructure that makes every day in Dubai a unique experience.

Dubai has been voted the host city for the World Expo 2020, directing the spotlight once more towards the world-leading metropolis. The city's skyline, which encompasses the world's tallest skyscraper, glistens in the spotlight, emphasizing the grandeur of its bustling lifestyle.

In a place where possibility knows no limits, Dubai brings together the safety of a family home, with leading educational and health facilities, and the excitement of a tourist lifestyle, with a pulsating nightlife and a shopping paradise.

Dubai Marina

We underwent a careful process to choose the location for Sparkle Towers, understanding that location makes all the difference. Because we believe that our customers deserve the best, Sparkle Towers is located in Dubai Marina, one of the most prominent neighborhoods in Dubai, and probably the world.

Dubai Marina is a man-made canal city-within-a city built entirely parallel to the Arabian Gulf shoreline. Bringing amenity to the comfort of the dazzling Dubai Marina, the sparkling lights of some of Dubai's tallest towers and most luxurious hotels attract those in search of a hip, yet luxurious lifestyle.

The Dubai Marina breaks yet another of the world's records, being the largest man-made marina to exist with high-end restaurants and cafes spread over its pedestrian promenade. It is situated near some of Dubai's most prominent attractions, including Dubai's renowned man-made island, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Eye and the trendy new district "The Beach".

The Location

We knew that accessibility is key when choosing the location for your future home, so we hand you that key on a gold-plated luxury. When we chose the location for Sparkle Towers, we made sure that your neighborhood would provide you with everything you need.

The bustle of the Marina Walk, a 7-kilometer pedestrian promenade with an array of restaurant and entertainment choices, is directly accessible.

The splendid sandy beaches of the Jumeirah Beach Residence are a mere 5-minute walk from the tower, making every day a day for the beach. The fabulous JBR Walk is practically in your backyard, being only a two minute walk away from the towers.

Being within a ten-minute driving distance from major attractions such as Emirates Mall, Ibn Battuta Mall, Burj Al Arab and Madinat Jumeirah ensures that all your lifestyle, shopping and every day needs are met. For shopping closer to home, the Marina Mall is only a two-minute drive.

For days you would like to sit back and discover the city, the Dubai Metro, which is easily accessed through the Marina Tram, is a viable option for transportation.

Being only 30 minutes away from Dubai International Airport and 15 minutes away from Al Maktoum International Airport your gateways to the rest of the world, Sparkle Towers is situated amidst the buzzing excitement of Dubai.

Disclaimer: 1. All room dimensions are measured to structural elements and exclude wall finishes and construction tolerances. 2. All dimensions have been provided by our consultant architects. 3. All materials, dimensions and drawings are approximate. Information is subject to change without notice. 4. Actual suite area may vary from the stated area. Drawings not to scale. The developer reserves the right to make revisions. 5. Calculation of suite area is measured as the area bounded by the centre line of demising or partition walls separating one unit from another unit, the exterior face of all exterior walls, and the exterior face of the corridor wall enclosing the adjoining unit. 6. Calculation of balcony area is measured as the area bounded by the centre line of demising or partition walls separating one unit from another unit, the outmost face of the enclosing guard and the external face of the adjoining the balcony. 7. The units are measured at typical floor in the building. Columns may vary in size depending on the floor level. 8. For each unit type, unit sizes and details might be slightly different. Please refer to the sales and purchase agreement for the actual size of each specific unit.