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Space Marveled by Swarovski

Swarovski crystals have always been the pure definition of elegance and beauty. By adorning Sparkle Towers with Swarovski, we have turned our space into a marvelous crystal wonderland.

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Interiors & Finishes

We believe that fine decisions of luxury need to be made to the very last detail, and that elegance is a lifestyle choice reserved to those with unique taste and the understanding for the finer things in life. We made sure that owning a Sparkle Towers apartment is about making that choice.

From the moment you step into the luxurious lobby, dotted with glittering lights and breathtaking extravagance, you will instantly know that at Sparkle Towers, we ensure the echo of elegance is in every corner and finishing touch.

Adorned with marble entrances and alternating ceramic tiles for every apartment, Sparkle Towers dots on luxury for your every need.

Crystal encrusted window panes, double glazed windows and sparkling exterior lights make the view equally enjoyable on either side of the window.

Stylish bathrooms, with state-of-the-art European branded sanitary ware and fixtures, acknowledge that refinement has no end. Each bedroom comes with an un-suite bathroom that caters to your needs.

Find your passion on the granite countertops and most modern and branded built-in stainless steel appliances in a homely yet lavish kitchen, the heart of every home.

Because we know that luxury living comes with a standard of dressing to impress, we have custom built each bedroom to include a built-in wardrobe to encompass your wide fashion sense.

At Sparkle Towers there is a place for everyone with each two and three bedroom unit coming with a specially designed nanny room.

Amenities & Facilities

We understand that your everyday endeavors require you to be in your best health and deepest tranquility, so we provide you with the facilities that allow you to find comfort in the very core of your home.

With fitness centers and temperature controlled swimming pools, you are only a workout away from a peaceful stimulant.

Let your safe haven become the splendor of the luxurious saunas, Jacuzzi's and spas. Women can enjoy the privacy of separated facilities.

We bring you the best quality and the most professional options, with the best privately owned and professionally-managed women spa, ensuring that every night is the most relaxing night of your life.

We believe in the importance of family, and the luxury of family time that cannot be bought. The designer landscaping and large gardens, coupled with indoor and outdoor play areas for children, ensure quality family time and the joy of even the youngest individual. Watch the bright smile etch on your child's face as they splash about under the watchful supervision of guards at the children's splash park.

You won't have to leave the comfort of your home to grab a bite to eat out, as we provide you with a private mini-cafe that serves the lounge, the outdoor garden and the swimming pool.

Security is never a question you need to ask, as the tower is equipped with CCTV security cameras that monitor every inch of the towers, putting any safety worries you may have to rest. To further increase safety, a twenty-four hour security guard is present and alert at all times.

A twenty-four hour concierge service and optional cleaning packages provide you with the comfort and serenity you deserve by catering to your every need and allowing you an exhaustion-free lifestyle. Further, valet parking and on-demand limousine services are available to save you the trouble of driving and your valuable time.

You might be at home, but Sparkle Towers provides you with a resort-like lifestyle. It is like going on vacation without setting foot outside your doorstep.

Disclaimer: 1. All room dimensions are measured to structural elements and exclude wall finishes and construction tolerances. 2. All dimensions have been provided by our consultant architects. 3. All materials, dimensions and drawings are approximate. Information is subject to change without notice. 4. Actual suite area may vary from the stated area. Drawings not to scale. The developer reserves the right to make revisions. 5. Calculation of suite area is measured as the area bounded by the centre line of demising or partition walls separating one unit from another unit, the exterior face of all exterior walls, and the exterior face of the corridor wall enclosing the adjoining unit. 6. Calculation of balcony area is measured as the area bounded by the centre line of demising or partition walls separating one unit from another unit, the outmost face of the enclosing guard and the external face of the adjoining the balcony. 7. The units are measured at typical floor in the building. Columns may vary in size depending on the floor level. 8. For each unit type, unit sizes and details might be slightly different. Please refer to the sales and purchase agreement for the actual size of each specific unit.