Sparkle Towers

A Crystal Clear Choice... For Luxury Living
It's a Way of Life

At Sparkle Towers, we've uncovered the secret to happy living, and it consists of a sparkling lifestyle. At Sparkle Towers, you have the opportunity to live, dine, shop and relax within the premises of a hand-crafted, luxury experience. Make every moment of your life count by making your choice a crystal clear choice to a fine-tuned standard of life.

Whether it is the panoramic water view or the exclusive lifestyle surroundings of Sparkle Towers, you are guaranteed an experience unlike any other. At Sparkle Towers, we pride ourselves for providing you with the lifestyle that you deserve; a lifestyle beating from the heart of Dubai Marina, one of the concrete wonders of Dubai.

Experiencing Sparkle Towers will excite all your senses, and ensure that not a dull moment passes by.


Glimpse into your future

As the idea of Sparkle Towers became a reality, we put together the concept of sophistication in the future of Dubai, understanding that to create the best we must pursue opulence and lavishness.

Grandeur is embodied in Sparkle Towers that gleam with crystal interiors and exteriors as they stand majestically on the Dubai Marina waterfront. Boasting breath-taking views of the Marina skyline and waters, find your luxurious future home in the selection of studio, one bedroom, two bedroom, three bedroom and penthouse apartments.

The two towers are Ground+29 and Ground+14 connected to a Ground+4 podium and three basement parking spaces, making your choice of view and perspective spectacular at every level. In addition, several retail spaces facing the waterfront and the main road will offer a selection of retail outlets to serve the residents of Sparkle Towers.


A Stress-Free Purchase

At Sparkle Towers, we worked through all the details of making the investment worth the money to making it an easy, stress free purchase as well. We want your every dream to become a reality with Sparkle Towers, giving attractive prices, and easy to handle mortgage finance offered by Emirates Islamic Bank.

Because Sparkle Towers is approved by the Land Department to sell the project, and has an Escrow account to ensure that your money will be spent solely on building the project, you have nothing to worry about when you purchase a unit at Sparkle Towers.

If you plan to buy your property as an investment, Sparkle Towers offer VIP Property Services, regardless of your requirements. Their services include leasing and supervising your property, furnishing your property and offering it for short-term rental, or in case you decide to sell your property, assisting you in re-selling the property at the best market price.


Disclaimer: 1. All room dimensions are measured to structural elements and exclude wall finishes and construction tolerances. 2. All dimensions have been provided by our consultant architects. 3. All materials, dimensions and drawings are approximate. Information is subject to change without notice. 4. Actual suite area may vary from the stated area. Drawings not to scale. The developer reserves the right to make revisions. 5. Calculation of suite area is measured as the area bounded by the centre line of demising or partition walls separating one unit from another unit, the exterior face of all exterior walls, and the exterior face of the corridor wall enclosing the adjoining unit. 6. Calculation of balcony area is measured as the area bounded by the centre line of demising or partition walls separating one unit from another unit, the outmost face of the enclosing guard and the external face of the adjoining the balcony. 7. The units are measured at typical floor in the building. Columns may vary in size depending on the floor level. 8. For each unit type, unit sizes and details might be slightly different. Please refer to the sales and purchase agreement for the actual size of each specific unit.